Don Dickel Don comes from a long line of wood loving contractors. Learning from generations of family members how to work with wood. Doing wood floors as an apprentice since 1975 and starting his own business in 1983. Worked from New York City to Bangor Maine and everywhere inbetween in both residental, Historic and commercial situations.

Having been taught by flooring masters around the country (many taught from the National Wood Flooring Association) and from others who brought their craft from outside of the United States from places such as Norway and Germany. His quote on the subject is "I have learned from many talented people and taught many talented
people as well".

Don feels as though there is always enough work to go around for an honorable craftsman and never enough time to share information and compare notes he encourages his employees to keep an open mind to the constant changes in wood flooring, finishes and the restoration and repair of the very old floors very much worth saving.

He has often gone on an installation estimate and found floors worth saving, thus preserving the original work and saving the customers a lot of money.