Are you building a new home and one of the things on your wish list is beautiful hardwood floors? Are you remodeling an existing home and want to upgrade or replace the floors that are already there? Either way, you need a flooring contractor with the skill level and experience to get your flooring installed or refinished correctly. It's important that you choose a contractor who is going to going to do the job right, on time, and on budget. We at Don Dickel Floors are experts in every aspect of installation, sanding, staining, and refinishing of hardwood floors.

The installers at Don Dickel Floors have decades of combined experience and have achieved the highest skill levels in their profession. We will make sure that your hardwood floors, whether new or refinished, will be one of the highlights of your home.

We will come to the job site and give you an estimate at no charge to you, and it will be an estimate you can live with — no hidden charges, no surprises later on.

We will work with the other contractors on your home so that the entire process is harmonious and we will keep the dust at a miminmum and clean up completely after we’re done. Once your new hardwood floors are installed, we will complete the job by giving your floor a beautiful finish. We are expert at pattern installation, and marquetry, as you can see from the above photo.