"Thank you! The floors are beautiful. I feel like you worked a miracle getting all those scratches up" "I don't want to put the furniture back on the floors, I just want to sit around and look at them!
Mary Pat C. Ellsworth ME

"Long overdue to tell you what a fabulous job your crew did on the floors! Even though they warned me that they might not be able to get out the discoloration; the floor is perfect! All the sun damage is gone and the very bad stains are nowhere to be seen. Not only that, they put up tons of plastic, were neat, clean and at the end of the day explained everything to me and were just delightful to have around. Thank you so much.
Carole B. Rockland ME

"Each year we try to plan a house project to be done while we are away on vacation and this year it was refinishing the maple floors on our first level. What made this a challenge is that the entire first level has to be treated as a single floor surface because we have no thresholds. Abbie, at Don Dickel was great. Not only did she provide information on the finishing process itself, she also provided the name of the moving company she uses when situations like this arise. Long story short, we left on vacation and when we returned, the floors were beautiful and the furniture and pictures were back in place just like we had never left the house, only better! The folks at Don Dickel are very knowledgeable, easy to work with, and produce excellent results. We definitely recommend them for anyone needing to have their wood floors refinished."

"When Don's team completed our new oak staircase it looked just beautiful. However, after the varnish dried and we first walked down those stairs it was evident that a measurement mistake had been made. The first step was startlingly high and threw you off balance.

Don revisited the site and immediately agreed to tear out the brand new staircase and rebuild it at his own expense. There were no excuses or bargaining. There was no hesitation or long discussion. Don wanted the stairs to be correct in every detail.

While it was indeed sad to see that beautiful wood pried up, the stairs now feel as good as they look. And they look marvelous.

I was also impressed with the professional job of site management that took place during the several days the project took. Don and his associate covered the immediate area with protective blankets. the entire area was vacuumed at the end of each day to keep dust to a minimum.

We are delighted with the finished product, the materials, workmanship and the good old New England pride in craftsmanship that Don exhibited. We gladly recommend Don Dickel for any stair work or flooring project that you might have in mind."
Robert Barnes

"I built my house 20 years ago with all oak flooring. The job that the guys did was outstanding. The floors looked as good as the day I laid them. Just excellent job. Had job done very quickly. Just outstanding job couldn't ask for better."
Randy & Karen Thibodeau

"Great job! Guys were great and very pleasant. Floors are very nice and done quicker than expected."
Moe Blanchard

"Very happy with our work and professionalism. Kept to the price that was quoted."
Stan & Emma Phillips